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So I've already posted a picture of Apple. Here's one detailing the traits I've ended up getting! Thank goodness it wasn't something like slob, or loner.

After spending her whole day attempting to garden and fish, I realized she needed to bathe and sleep. Fortunately for her, EA kinda designed Bridgeport with bums in mind. :P

After sleeping her first night on the ground and bathing in a sink, I remembered this place! Basically it's been built to accommodate sims that need a place to stay.

May I also add that the lodge is an excellent place to rest. Napping on the couches doesn't do much in terms of boosting energy, but the buffs you can get here are enough to make your sim elated.

Really Apple?

Well I hope it was delicious. O.o

May I also add that this ice cream truck taunts her. Everytime it comes by, she gets the want to buy ice cream, and then slowly remembers she doesn't even have the money to pay her $3 bill.

I was considering making a rule of "first male sim your sim meets is their partner." Right after I thought of that, Beau walks in the lodge and I couldn't help but think "HELL NO. This is not Twilight!"

Might I also add that Beau stayed there until *2* AM playing foosball? Not a big deal for vampires, but he was hosting a party, and ditched it to play foosball.

Poor Apple. Her second day at the lodge she broke the toilet.

After scavenging for a couple hours, Apple had found a lamp to sell for some cash. Because let's face it, if all she has is a garden why would she need a lamp?

After selling the lamp and the fish she had been catching, she had make a little over a hundred simoleons. Immediately she wanted to donate it to a charity. >.< You can see what won the choice.

Apple... you aren't going to find your future husband in a junk yard.

Okay so I cheated a little bit. There was already this premade family in the world I had made. Meet Duke, Drake, and Issac Corel!

Yes Apple, the way to a man's heart is through sunshine and fish.

Well after about 10ish Sim days, this is about what Apple owns. She currently has a little over $600.00 dollars as well. Makes me interested to see how many generations I'm going to have to go through before they have a house!




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