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No this isn't a request to make a hair. Sort of a request to help fix a hair. :) Basically I've never been able to focus on one project, and decided to take time away from working on the skin blend and my challenge with an attempt to complete my hair texture project. Basically I wanted to replace ALL of EA's hairs with a nicer texture. I was almost complete, and then I realized that I actually prefer a texture that looks similar to the EA one, and after a couple days of blending and such, I think I have a good compromise.

So I went back and started small, redoing hairs for Fast Lane and HELS. Whilst I was redoing them, I had a stroke of inspiration on how to make the hairs look...well better. After alpha editing some of meshes, and loading up the game, I was horrified to see terrible alpha issues! Pictures below for better description.

It's kinda hard to see, but there is a faint line around the back of the hair. I'm not sure if this was there when I did my first texture replacement of this hair, but it's there now. :(

As you can see from the first picture, there are some transparency issues on the sides. I took the behind photo in a lighter color to show the transparency issue in the back. Last picture would ideally be how I want the hair to ultimately look. Unfortunately I'm not sure how to place a shaved scalp on the back of the hair and get rid of the transparency issues.

This hair I would love to get fixed the most. From the back and sides in CAS you can see slight transparency issues, that get worse in game. :(

If anyone knows how to fix these issues and willing to help a complete meshing noob out I would very much appreciate it.

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