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Once again here is Apple, just hanging out in the hot tub at the lodge. I'm actually quite pleased with how the skin tone blend has turned out.

After a couple days, I took her out to enjoy herself a bit.



I don't think I mentioned in my first post, but her LTW was to max out her guitar skills and charisma skills. I thought it would be easy... but I was SO SO SO wrong.

While she was practicing this happened... :(

So she had to stay at the lodge that night, and ran into Duke.

Obviously hit it off immediately. Which was saddening/happy. I wanted to hook her up with Isaac, but he wouldn't give her the time of day. Literally she would call him to invite him out at 9am, and it would say "I'm about to head out, call back in 17 hours." O.o

First kiss fail.

I realized she had enough money to buy another sleeping bag, and thus it was so!

As a completely random side note, she had a challenge to grow some awesome plants for this guy. Ended up meeting on a bridge at 2am to deliver them... am I the only one who doesn't believe he only wanted oregano?

Aww Duke is so cheesy.

Second night at the lodge. I was so upset that I missed the first kiss picture though. But they ended up kissing... a lot... anyways.

She wanted to give him an apple, so it was so! Kinda a weird gift though. Just one solitary apple.

He likes to be there when she sleeps.

Lighting is crappy because he took out to eat at the fancy restaurant at night. Some reason sims are completely immune to lights.

I had left the room for a bit, and when I came back they were at his house!

At least she tried.

Can't say that I blame him.

And then it was so!

Poor Duke.


They ended up getting Married in Duke's livingroom. Mainly because Apple is too poor to afford anything else.

Drake does not approve.

I actually had missed some pictures of Isaac showing up at the house. He literally walked in, talked to Duke and Drake, realized Apple was there, and left. I ended up finding him asleep in the park on the ground.

Another crappy night time picture. But hey! After getting married Duke moved in with Apple, and they had enough money to have walls!

Aww, she worries about money in the soon to be bathroom, and Duke worries about himself.

Oh no.

I forgot to mention that Duke is employed in the Athletic career. So doing a man date at the gym with his brother Drake just made sense in his mind.

You have to appreciate his effort though.

It's growing!

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