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Hello estranged simmers!

It's quite odd to be back on this journal. I've missed it. I still get urges to play the sims (it's like crack) and since I've been indulging in this urge, I've discovered I missed a ton of stuff! Like what, two expansion packs? A bajillion stuff packs? My wallet will end up hating me.

With that said, my estranged departure has been due to several reasons. First reason, and probably the biggest one to change my life, me and my long time boyfriend had split up. We were living together, and since then I've moved out on my own, and have been juggling with life. Second reason, I'm back in school! I've been pulling full time at school since last summer. It's exhausting but I keep trying to tell myself that it will be okay in the end. I've actually felt somewhat liberated that I've been so much on my own, and doing what I've always wanted to do to better myself.

With that said though, and this will seem crappy, I'm fund raising for a school trip! I have been in my school honor society and was nominated for their ISLP program. With being nominated I have the option to go to China for two weeks to study! I'm very excited, but I'm very financially strapped. Please consider helping a poor college student out. :)


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