Nov. 12th, 2011

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Sooo, I started a new sims challenge today. I kinda made up my own/making it up as I go along. It's very similar to other challenges out there, but I thought I would post the rules here to keep myself from cheating. :P



Sim can be Male or Female. They have to be a young adult though.
Can choose any items for appearance.
Must be named after foods. I.E. My first sim is named Apple Juice.
To determine traits, I went to a random number generator, and randomly generated numbers 1-82. I counted 82 traits total if you have all expansions.Obviously if you didn't you would count the number of traits you have access to and do 1- whatever number that is. Re-rolling would be allowed only if conflicting traits occurred.. Otherwise, no do overs!
The first 5 are the traits for your sim. No re-rolling!
Any voice/favorites combo are allowed, but astrological sign must be generated using the random number generator. No re-rolling!
LTW must be rolled on as well with a 1-6. 1-5 being what the game randomly generated, and 6 being the free for all slot. If the free for all slot is won, only wishes that do not pertain to jobs can be chosen. Wishes pertaining to profession can be. If you happen to choose a LTW that pertains to a job when you roll 1-5, the sim may not follow/pursue fulfilling that wish until they reach the adult stage.
Cannot create a spouse/pet/children. Your sim must "acquire" them throughout their life.


A sim is allowed to purchase a lot, and spend $500.00 on groceries, and then the remaining amount of money must be taken away. There are no restrictions on what they can buy, but it cannot exceed $500.00 and can only be purchasable through the grocery store.
No jobs or professions! Unless your sim reaches adulthood, but then they are only allowed to pick up professions. Except ghost hunting. No selling ghosts for easy money!
The sims spouse is allowed to have a profession/job if they already had one upon marriage. If they didn't have one, then one cannot be chosen for them.
Once babies are born, they are to live with the parents until they find a spouse. Only exception to this rule is if the prior generation happens to die before they wed.
Once they wed they have the option of moving out. It is not necessary, but obviously bigger families will want them to move out.
Teens born in game and up are allowed professions. No ghost hunting!
Sims are allowed to accept quests.
Sims can move or build new homes. Which ever is preferred. They cannot move until they have acquired $5,000.00 in household funds, but can continuously build as they earn.


Awesomemod is allowed, because well it keeps the game from breaking. :P
No skill up faster mods!
No everything buyable in grocery store mods!
No mods to make opportunities appear faster!
Basically no mods. :P
Only exception is if the mod fixes a glitch.

I've decided I will continue this challenge for 5 generations. At 5 generations I will see how it's going and decide if I want to continue on. Obviously I started in Bridgeport because I know there's parks available with sleeping and bathing arrangements. So far, it's been super fun and super challenging. I've played almost 2 straight days, which I usually never play. My sim currently has $700.00 to her name, a small garden, and a sleeping bag. So it's been interesting to find fun things to do, social gatherings, or a place to simply shower. I will say though, it gives a whole new look on the game when you have to consider if your sim is going to a place that has a readily accessible bathroom if need be.

I'll add more rules as I go. To keep me honest. :)


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