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So like a dork I forgot to preview all states of my WIP skinblend. Here are the fit/fat/dark skins. Same sims, no make, no editing besides blurring/bordering/resizing. The female model has new eyebrows though because the ones I had on her looked wonky with the darker skin.

Image heavy underneath )

Still Alive

Nov. 5th, 2011 01:38 pm
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Well hullo there!

Still around and had a stroke of creativty...


My first time opening up photoshop to create something in a while! I think it turned out okay. Any suggestions, thoughts, stories?
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So I didn't have much time previously to properly speak about this, but now I do!

Essentially the booty survives, thrives, and whole meaning is for and from the sims community. For a long time, when pay sites was the immediate hot topic, the booty was thriving.

Now the great pay site debate is somewhat falling by the way side, and PMBD along with the booty is getting less attention and less donators. Which is why we are hosting a donation drive!

All you need to do is visit here to read more about how to donate and ways to donate.

Even if you can't donate, please help spread the word. We would appreciate any and help we can get about this issue. :)

WIP Again

Sep. 15th, 2010 07:18 pm
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I edited the textures so the roots weren't as bad. I blended her v3 texture with her v1 textures to get a more "strainey" effect to the texture, and lightened up the dark areas to allow it to be closer in color. How does the newish textures look?

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So the creating bug is striking again! This time, I decided I wanted to use different textures for my hairs. Basically I had a long conversation with myself over what kind of content I wanted in my game. My realization: Sims 3 just doesn't do realistic very well. I've seen some pictures from community members, where they attempted realism, and it looked okay... until you see the sims. The pudding just doesn't allow it. Then I noticed how many things I had in my game that just didn't sit well with me, and a big part of those was the hair textures. They looked.... plastic. Better than EA hair textures, but either my sims looked odd or plastic.

Thus I switched with pooklet textures I use! She released a texture she had created for the sole purpose of looking more like "real" hair. I decided to see how they look in the sims 3, and I love them! The main issue I'm working out is they can get a bit of a "dark root" but I'm testing what I can do. :) Anyways... I want feedback. I like it enough for my game, but eventually I want to get back to sharing my retextures and want to know the general consensus, yay or nay?

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Due to some recent activity on my blog, I am now filtering my anonymous comments. I am also requiring all anonymous commenters to fill out a captcha with every post.

I am doing this due to some recent spam I have been seeing on my peggy hairaplooza post. As much as I love nice comments, I hate spamming comments just as much. I have tried to just delete them, but I think this method will work out better.

I also want to make a note, and it should notify every poster on my journal, that I do track and record every IP on my journal. So yes, when I received 3 or 4 comments on the same entry from the same person, I did know it was you. I also looked up those IP's and have noticed several of them are on IP blacklists due to spamming.

So hopefully these new measures will help out, as it cuts away from my time from trying to finish my latest project when I have to clean out my journal of spam. It also cuts away from the content of my journal if it just became a stream of spam, which would then discourage everyone from commenting. I personally just believe this is a better way to protect my brain, and to protect my visitors sanity.

If this spam continues or worsens I will disable all anonymous commenting until I see fit to allow it again. So please, to the spammy douchebags, don't spoil it for everyone else who can use features and follow rules appropriately. :)
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You know you want to. :) Would this also be a good time to mention that I haven't played since I was like 12? Oh the memories....


Jul. 10th, 2010 01:18 am
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Oh Herro!

I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who has left me lovely messages. :) I have been MIA for a bit, mainly due to time restrictions. For those of you who don't know I work two jobs, and it's not that during the summer work load increases, but that's when everyone takes vacations. Thus meaning work place needs extra coverage, and since at one job it's my duty to cover uncovered shifts... well I end up going in a lot.

I'm sorry to those of you who have reported issues with anything lately and I've failed to get back to you. With me constantly covering shifts, and I recently had to travel for a bit, it's left me with little time here and there to check some websites. Naturally with what little time I do scrap by, I would rather use that time for enjoyment rather than "work" so to speak. Not that it's work to get back to people, but honestly sometimes I just forget. I mean, if I really didn't have stickies on my desk with sensitive information, I would show a picture of my desk. I'm pretty sure I keep post-it notes in business.

With that said, I might be gone for a bit more or less depending on the issue and the time. I'm trying to manage what's most important to me to be able to do, and what can wait a few more weeks. :)

I hope everyone is does well though. Especially you Century eyes! And I'll catch ya on the flip side of the moon!
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Well... here it is! After several days of editing, I think I got it to a *decent* level. If you remember the suggestions post here you will see how it's no longer straight on top. I would have loved to keep it that way, but the mapping prevented it. The bangs look more natural now though.

And I edited the textures to try and prevent the blandness that happens on darker colors. The black in the below previews is EA's black and not the Pooklet black. If you go that dark/much darker, the texture blends in together. If I knew a way to prevent that without making the lighter colors look bad, I would. :( So I have some different previews with different colors.

ANNNDDD... Cazy's original also was enabled for males. The male texture package is dependent up the female one. I have not included the male one, but if you go here you can download Cazy's male package which will open this hair up to men.


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