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So I think I finally have these to a satisfactory level. I'm still not entirely happy with them, but I have EA's mapping to thank for that. As you can see from the pictures, some of the highlights won't match up, and no matter what I do, I cannot get it exactly perfect. Well, I could stretch out the highlight, in which I tried, but then it looked even more wrong than previously. So I understand if not everyone likes these.

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Yeah, so I'm not exactly sure if this one is a policy breaker... so I'm just gonna kerplunk it here.

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Yep! I've been working on this one for a bit now. It's all the hairs that came in WA with pooklet's textures! All models will be pictures with the blond color to show how it looks in game!


Some notes on this:
~I think CU is "child unisex." Either way, I don't have photos of those separately, but can be distinguished from the photos above.
~Most of the hairs have been replaced, but NOT all of them have been pictured. Mainly because those hairs with hats obstruct the view, and made it pointless to take a picture. Irregardless, the only one that has not been replaced is male afro.
~Unless I find the time, I will not be posting these separately. So it's all or nothing.

Credits go to:
Pooklet- for the textures.
Ja- I used some of her scalp and sideburn textures from her replacements.
And the creators of S3pi for making their tools. :)
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Yay! It's finished! Or at least it's finished to my liking. :P
Ok, so unfortunately I can't do anything about the distorted image in the mirror. Terribly sorry guys. I suggest if it bothers you, to stay clear from this.

Keep in mind, this is also a default replacement. Meaning, if you have any other replacement CAS templates, and want to use this one, remove your older one first! As for known issues, the image distortion in the mirror. Cannot be helped, I'm sorry and it really saddens me. Also distortion along the wall. Unfortunately, I cannot do anything about that either. Again, if it's going to be a pet peeve, don't download this. Also, I hate the rug being there. I've tried editing the alpha, and I unfortunately think it is meshed in. In the future I will look into removing that blasted rug.

Credits go to:
himawara106's 1867 wooden floor collection.
Erry's blue/green CAS replacement.
discordkitty's curtain textures.
BlueBottle's shabby retro wallpapers.
Century-eyes for the picture in to the window.
Google images for the picture of the loving robots, and marble of the plant vase.

PS. If anyone would like to see different wallpapers, please feel free to suggest it here.


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