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Nov. 6th, 2011 07:24 pm
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Edits made:

-Less spine shading on males and females back. I feel like it doesn't look like a trench anymore!
-Freckles made darker on female skin so they wouldn't disappear as the tone got darker.
-Reduced redness on darker skins.
-Male face had a weird "halo" around the mouth. Reduced it, may look into editing it some more.
-Less ab shading on males body.

As always, models have no makeup and no editing to pictures aside of bordering/resizing.

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So like a dork I forgot to preview all states of my WIP skinblend. Here are the fit/fat/dark skins. Same sims, no make, no editing besides blurring/bordering/resizing. The female model has new eyebrows though because the ones I had on her looked wonky with the darker skin.

Image heavy underneath )

Still Alive

Nov. 5th, 2011 01:38 pm
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Well hullo there!

Still around and had a stroke of creativty...


My first time opening up photoshop to create something in a while! I think it turned out okay. Any suggestions, thoughts, stories?

WIP Again

Sep. 15th, 2010 07:18 pm
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I edited the textures so the roots weren't as bad. I blended her v3 texture with her v1 textures to get a more "strainey" effect to the texture, and lightened up the dark areas to allow it to be closer in color. How does the newish textures look?

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So the creating bug is striking again! This time, I decided I wanted to use different textures for my hairs. Basically I had a long conversation with myself over what kind of content I wanted in my game. My realization: Sims 3 just doesn't do realistic very well. I've seen some pictures from community members, where they attempted realism, and it looked okay... until you see the sims. The pudding just doesn't allow it. Then I noticed how many things I had in my game that just didn't sit well with me, and a big part of those was the hair textures. They looked.... plastic. Better than EA hair textures, but either my sims looked odd or plastic.

Thus I switched with pooklet textures I use! She released a texture she had created for the sole purpose of looking more like "real" hair. I decided to see how they look in the sims 3, and I love them! The main issue I'm working out is they can get a bit of a "dark root" but I'm testing what I can do. :) Anyways... I want feedback. I like it enough for my game, but eventually I want to get back to sharing my retextures and want to know the general consensus, yay or nay?

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So I noticed my game severely lacked decent curly hair. I mean not everyone has perfect wavy hair, or straight as a pole hair. So I took a shot alpha editing Cazy's converted Myos hair. I need some feedback please!
Here's my issues:

1. Curls look great in a light color as you can see, but kinda blend in together on darker colors. Minor enough to leave it or is there a way around it without losing the shading for the curls? Examples:

2. It's not very noticeable in this picture, but the straight part doesn't line up along the top of the head. I've tested for about an hour now different sizes/locations of the curls and straight parts to line it up. I conclude that the way the hair is UV mapped, it will probably be next to impossible.Example:

3. I just now noticed it's a bit wide the head. It's near impossible to get it "flatter" by alpha editing it. Is there directions somewhere on how to break a package apart and just make the hair slimmer? Or someone nice enough to help me out?
4. Do the bangs look weird? They seem to be UV mapped to the same portion of one of the curls, but mapped at the end of the texture.  So again, probably impossible to get it to line up correctly. Bothersome?



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